About AUTO Action Fleet

Established in 1978, Auto Action has been the leader in aftermarket accessory installations for both new and used car dealerships. Selling aftermarket products such as remote starters, navigation systems, leather interiors, and all lines of film just to name a few of the products we offer as well as the labor to install these products as well.  Over the past 3 years, our business model has grown to include fleet clients including various State and Federal projects as subcontractors.

Auto Action’s primary focus is on ADAS technology and safety to facilitate the growing distracted driver inhabitants on the roadways. The capability of a national installation footprint has allowed rapid growth for the service division of the company.


  • Having local representation in the Tri-State area allows us to be able to work closely with the depots prior to installation. Auto Action can personalize the experience and ensure a smooth implementation.
  • Experience with larger format installations not only in the tri-state area but also on a national footprint has allowed us to refine our systems and processes to where they are today. Having the ability to follow our standardized processes will ensure a smooth installation rollout.
  • 70% of our installation force has 10+ years of 12/24-volt installation experience. Additionally, the company’s experience in the bus and heavy-duty vehicle installation engagements over the last 18 months has allowed us to refine our knowledge of the various vehicle types.
  • Local facilities allow us to be fast and nimble when challenges arise during the implementation.
  • Evening shifts and a 7 day week schedules allow us to meet the installation timeline requirements.
  • With technicians placed throughout the tri-state area, we have the ability to react to an on-site call faster than other companies.
  • Technicians have the ability to carry “road stock” (inventory in their vehicles), allowing them to be dispatched via our help desk application which utilizes artificial intelligence technology to assign the tier 3 on-site support route immediately. Through our help desk application, the technician receives the request via a mobile application along with directions to the depot where the bus is being held.
  • Full RTV (return to vendor) and inventory systems allow us to process and maintain inventory back to vendors as well as manage road stock.
  • Single point of contact for any support needs. Hardware, Software, or Connectivity is managed from our centralized and local help desk center.
  • Auto Action has the ability to monitor the connectivity of the installed devices, which allows us to ensure we will know of any issue prior to the customer becoming inconvenienced.
  • Easy and pleasant to use, a service ticket request can be made via any form of contact. Phone, text, fax, email, web portal as well as a custom, easy-to-use mobile application.


“Auto Action is an OSHA Certified Installation Organization that consists of highly trained and certified professionals. I was extremely impressed with their work ethic and attention to detail. I would highly recommend them for any type of installation project regardless of the project size and complexity”

Syed Rahman, Siemens

I am writing this letter to express my total satisfaction working with Auto Action and their team who with their effort provided professional installation and services to many of our large government accounts in the Northeast, nothing but good things to say about them. Great Service and fast turnaround. Highly recommend them. A must to work with.

Ismael Sanchez, III

Auto Action has made providing the installation of vehicle safety solutions to our clients seamless, allowing us to focus on the technology.  Auto Actions quality control and scheduling platforms have helped us track and confirm every customer installation are done effectively.  New COVID 19 safety measures have been put in place by Auto Action helping our customers feel comfortable allowing staff in their vehicles.”

Mike Gallo, Ontrak Solutions

Action Action Fleet SERVICES


Installations are scheduled to minimize disruption, usually on nights and weekends.


Our certified technicians can service everything from coupes, sedans, vans, sprinters, buses, trolleys, trucks, box truck, and even semi-trucks.


Our certified technicians can be dispatched throughout the nation.


Custom Real-Time Quality Control applications are tailored for each project. To ensure that our technicians are following the appropriate steps as well as to keep our client abreast to the progress of their installation.




Keep track of your assets with Telematics. This highly accurate GPS Vehicle Tracking offers engine and battery health assessments, advanced vehicle data capture, breakthrough collision detection & notification, and in-vehicle driver coaching


This radar-based Forward Collision Warning is loaded with safety features beyond just the Forward Collision Warning, but it also includes Lane Departure Warning, Pedestrian Warning. Because this system is radar-based it is designed to work in all weather conditions.


AdvanceTec’s Pro-installed Hands-free Car Kit is a vehicular communication system that improves sound quality and driver safety and the perfect solution for your Push-to-Talk phone. The car kit consists of a junction box, 10 watt external speaker, and so much more.



Equip your fleet with Radar Blind Spot Technology with cross-traffic monitoring. We offer a wide range of Radar Blind Spot Detection options for any size fleet.


While merely owning a dash cam may not lower your car insurance rates, the footage that the camera provides may turn out invaluable in certain situations.

MAGELLAN RouteComplete™

Route Management allows fleet admins to see their drivers in real time. With these insights, fleet managers have all the information necessary to better manage time, fuel, and cost.



The pulsating feature increases the visibility of the 3rd brake light which equals increased safety for both your driver and the other drivers on the road.


Save money by reducing minor accidents by giving your drivers increased visibility behind their vehicles.


With sensors that protect both the front of and rear of your vehicles, you know you are covered all-around.


AUTO Action Fleet trusted partners



Auto Action Technologies (AAT), was established in 1978 as an Automotive Expeditor. AAG has grown into an operation that spans across New York & New Jersey

Total Fleet Size: 13

Fleet Type: Mixed (Sedans, Sprinters, Transits, Vans, Pickup Trucks)

Services/Products Used: Geotab GO7 Telematics


With a 13-vehicle fleet, Driver Safety was a priority. Along with Driver Safety we needed a way to track the performance of our drivers, moreover, create and adopt a Standard of Performance for our drivers. It was also is imperative that we develop a more efficient method to keep track of vehicle maintenance. As a result of waiting to do preventive maintenance we were forced to do unnecessary repairs, which could have been avoided. Additionally, we were looking to decrease our fuel expense by up to 25%. Accident reconstruction. Reduce insurance premium.


To be able to improve driver safety, manage compliance, monitor real-time diagnostics, cut fuel cost, and generally optimize our fleet we selected the Geotab GO7 Telematics device. What we found, was that on the surface, this product offered everything we needed in one unique package as well as the ability to expand the functionality if needed in the future.


Optimize Fleet with Real-Time Diagnostics

  • The Geotab GO7 Telematics allowed us to know where our vehicles were at a given time, allowing dispatch to more efficiently route our drivers or reroute them as needed.
  • Real-Time Vehicle Diagnostics removed the human element, thus allowing us to be informed of needed vehicle maintenance in a timely fashion.

Manage Compliance

  • We also told our drivers to obey all local and state speed limits, but now we have an accurate tool to monitor and track driver behavior.
  • Reckless and aggressive driving was not only dangerous but also creates a negative perception of our brand. We now have a method to not only define aggressive driving in very clear terms but also monitor and track driver performance and rate the driver accordingly.
  • Seatbelt Usage.

Cut Fuel Cost by up 25%

  • We created our benchmarks by listing the manufacturer provided City/Highway MPG for the vehicles in our fleet. At a minimum, we need to be within that range.
  • First, we needed to accurately calculate our fuel expenses. At the start of the trial period, we were unable to do so. We have since assigned one gas card per vehicle. In doing so we now have a more accurate way to track the purchase of gas.
  • Aside from vehicle performance, aggressive driving and excessive idling contribute to elevated fuel consumption. After 3 months data collection was able to set clear aggressive driving and idling.
    • Harsh Breaking
    • Idling
    • CornerinG