Paint Protection Film

Protect your vehicle’s finish from rocks, bugs, and road salt with PPF.

Our clear vinyl paint protection film (historically known as Clear-Bra but available under different brand names) protects your vehicle’s most exposed paint surfaces from road salt, dirt, bugs and gravel. With our low prices, it’s one of the best investments you can make to keep your finish looking like new. You can choose to protect your most vulnerable areas (bumper, hood, door handle wells, and trunk) or opt for a complete wrap for ultimate peace-of-mind. Your vehicle will continue to look showroom-ready for years.
LLumar paint protection film (PPF) makes it easy to keep your car’s finish looking like you just drove off the lot. Paint protection film protects against flying rocks, bird droppings, salt, sand and more. LLumar offers multiple finishes and innovative 2-in-1 products. Get the benefits of premium PPF and easy-wash ceramic coating with 2-in-1 Valor PPF, featuring OEM-trusted Tetrashield™ technology. You can transform your paint color to a rich, glossy black with the protective benefits of our Platinum PPF or Platinum Extra PPF

Gloss Paint Protection Film

The more you drive, the more you risk damage to a new or freshly painted vehicle. Add a layer of LLumar® gloss paint protection film to help keep your shiny finish safe from everyday road damage.
Our road-tested PPF is like invisible armor, ultra-thin yet able to stand tough against rocks, debris, dirt, insects, and other threats to a fresh finish.
LLumar PPF is designed to blend right in with either factory or custom paint, making it nearly invisible. This gives you the freedom to wrap every painted surface on your vehicle or mix and match coverage areas. You can protect more vulnerable areas such as the front hood, bumpers, door edges and side-view mirrors.
Gloss finishes are self-healing, durable for thousands of miles and protected by a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. (Certain restrictions apply. Contact us for warranty details.)

Platinum Gloss Paint Protection Film

LLumar® Platinum PPF is a favorite of auto enthusiasts and purists alike, because it helps defend a new finish against damage from a long list of threats, including flying rocks, road salt, sand, dirt, bugs, oil, and more.
Thanks to a high-shine topcoat that’s made to blend with factory-fresh auto paint, this film is nearly impossible to detect when you choose partial PPF coverage. It also looks and provides incredible protection as a full wrap.
One of the best features of gloss finish LLumar Platinum PPF is its self-healing surface: swirl marks and minor scratches disappear with exposure to heat from your engine or the sun. Our hydrophobic, water-beading HydroGard™ technology provides stain resistance and enhanced durability.
A 10-year manufacturer’s limited warranty covers your investment in gloss finish LLumar Platinum PPF so you can wash, wax, and drive your vehicle worry-free. (Certain restrictions apply; contact us for warranty details.)

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