Leather Seating & Comfort

Give your drive a feel of home. Whether it is new Leather Seating, Heated Seats, Cooled Seats, or even Massaging Seats, we can upgrade your vehicle to be as comfortable as your favorite recliner at home.

Leather Seats

Add style and luxury to your vehicle with leather seats.

Leather seats instantly upgrade the look and feel of any car, truck or SUV. The appeal of leather is undeniable. It’s natural, inviting and luxuriously soft. Plus, a custom leather trimmed interior offers many practical advantages. Leather seats are easy to clean and are stain-resistant. 

Leather seats are also resistant to smells that can come with stains and  passengers. Leather seats respond better to seat-warmers, keeping you warmer on cold days. With hundreds of combinations in color and texture, it’s easy to design an interior to match your unique style. Are looking for luxury or sporty? Choose from our designs, a factory match design, or create your own. A leather vehicle interior is  the most affordable way to give your vehicle a showroom look. Plus, vehicles with leather trimmed interiors have greater resale value. 

Heated Seats

Warm up fast with adjustable therapeutic heat.

Enjoy a more comfortable driving experience with heated seats. Heated seats quickly and efficiently warm up you and your passengers on cold days, keeping you toasty as your vehicle heats up. Variable controls help you adjust to the perfect temperature. Heated seats also alleviate aches and pains on long trips and reduce symptoms of chronic back pain and sciatica. Upgrading to heated seats also improves the resale value of your vehicle.

Cooled Seats

Cool down on hot summer days with a refreshing temperature drop.

Cooled seats provide comfort while saving energy. Drivers in hot climates have enjoyed cooled seats for years. Upgrade to cooling seat technology and you will never burn your legs and back as you slide in your vehicle on simmering summer days. Your traditional air conditioning system forces everyone experience the same temperature. When cooled seats, individual controls allow you and your passengers to adjust custom seat comfort. Air conditioners also consume a lot of fuel. When you switch to cooled seats, the savings can be significant. In fact, cooled seats can increase fuel efficiency by 24% and cut carbon emissions by half compared to using traditional air conditioning.


Massage Seats

Enjoy comfort and prevent stiffness and aches with variable massage settings.

Massaging seats are not just a luxury, they keep drivers and passengers  alert and comfortable on long drives. massaging seats reduce muscle fatigue and promote blood flow. This helps you avoid stiffness and aches on long days and long trips. Massage seats are used frequently in working trucks and vans to keep crews limber between job sites. 

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