Window Tint and Blackout

LLumar automotive window tint not only helps give your vehicle a cool, sleek look but the film’s latest technology also prevents UV rays that can be harmful to our skin and the vehicle’s interior.


Improve your vehicle’s appearance while protecting your vehicle’s interior, and your own privacy, eyes and skin with window tint.

Tinted windows block the sun’s harmful UV rays, reduce interior fading, increase privacy, and extend the life of your vehicle. We use only high-quality, scratch-resistant window tinting film for a great look and a long life. Window tint also reduces glare, which provides a safer driving experience. In addition, tinting greatly reduces interior heat, saving energy and providing a safe and comfortable driving and riding experience for adults, children, and infants. Our window tint is available in a variety of shades and colors for all vehicles and styles. Our experienced technicians install window tint for a long life and guarantee your satisfaction. LLumar® automotive window tint gives your vehicle’s glass a sleek, custom look. Select from Ceramic Auto Tint, Metallized Auto Tint, Dyed Auto Tint, and Clear Auto Tint. LLumar window tint prevents the sun’s undesirable side effects: excessive air conditioning use, scorching hot surfaces on your dash, steering wheel and seats, eye-irritating glare, and harmful UV ray exposure. Ask us about LLumar’s tint simulator to preview all of our available shades.


Chrome Delete is a fast and cost-effective way to modernize your vehicle’s style.

Chrome delete uses a vinyl wrap to cover – or “delete” –  the factory chrome trim on your vehicle. The result is a modern style that changes the look and protects vulnerable areas. Select a full matte “blackout” or “full-color” package for the hottest look or pick and choose from our other matte and gloss options. Chrome delete also  protects your factory chrome from damage and fingerprints. It reduces heat and keeps door handles cool under the summer sun. And it is a great way to customize your vehicle’s appearance to give it a look that is uniquely yours. We install chrome delete on window trim, grilles, headlight rings, door handles and chrome trim.

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